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Kia Ora to All
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This is a place to come to get that fix of Aotearoa when you’re feeling a bit displaced, lost in the world and pining for the Picton Fjords!

It’s a place that, as an Expat Kiwi myself, I have needed from time to time, and since I didn’t find it, I decided I’d have a shot at creating it myself.

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About Simon, the Homesick Kiwi

I’ve been an Expat from New Zealand since 1997. I never planned to stay away this long, but somehow it happened. And now, more than 20 years later, I’m still lost in the world somewhere, still not returning ‘home’ to Kiwiland, but feeling it deeply in my heart that I will forever be called back, but maybe never live there again…

So this site is my attempt to create a cosy place of reminiscence and nostalgia, for a New Zealand that doesn’t exist anymore, but gives us a sense of comfort in a world gone mad!

Here you will find my rambling writings about my Expat journey, my distilled (and not so distilled) learnings about life on the road (but mostly living in a few different countries) and the writings of other Expat Kiwis.

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Simon, the Homesick Kiwi


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