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Kia Ora and welcome to the shop! We’re trying to get it stocked up with some unique kiwi gear to help you beat your homesickness! It’s great just writing a blog and everything, but since I lost my London massage businesses to Covid, I figured that it would be nice to try to make some money from this venture by selling Homesick Gear For Kiwi Expats… Because what do all Kiwis need? Well, other than a flight to New Zealand and a month or two of holiday… We need stuff that reminds us of home! Stuff that makes us feel closer to that beautiful green country down there between a desert and all that ice (yeah, I’m talking about Australia and Antarctica. I was going to say that both are cultural deserts, but that’s being mean to Antarctica). I’ve found an awesome Kiwi artist who I hope will be making unique artworks for our products, some cool Kiwiana inspired gear like Kiwi-inspired face masks, t-shirts, jandals, posters and Pounamu! Check them out. Homesick Kiwi NZZN mens t-shirt in the Homesick Kiwis shop I hope you like them! If you do, please buy them to show your support, we’re shipping worldwide! If you don’t like them please ping over an email telling us what you don’t like about them and how we can improve them… and if you’ve got any suggestions please send them through too. We’ll do what we can to keep bringing new designs to the shop as often as we can. But you know what artists are like, they want to do their thing on their own terms. If you want to be kept up to date on the latest Homesick Kiwi gear in the Homesick Kiwis shop, then please sign up to the newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop! You can expect the latest posts, new gear and discount codes too!

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