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The Great Shit of 2020! Cosmic Shit Has Come to Light!

Great Shit - 2020 has been a big poo

December 21st 2020 is an important day in Astrology

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Apparently, lots of stuff is happening, things are resolving, big cosmic alignments are occurring… There is a lot of Great shit coming to pass!

Great Shit is happening on the 21st of December 2020 - Cosmic Star Trails
Great Shit is happening on the 21st of December 2020 – Are you ready?

I know this because I’m married to a secret hippy. She looks like a normal human being, but in the past, she has consulted psychics, commissioned a Feng Shui expert to sort our house energy out and paid way too much to a guy to ‘Align’ our house (and it turned out that he didn’t really believe in it himself, although he certainly believed in the money!).

In addition to the examples above, we are living where we are because of a Locational Astrologer… Ok, to be fair that one came via my father, who was the spiritual light in my early life, to balance up my extremely pragmatic Kiwi mother. But it was my wife who reached out to my dad for the connection to Mr Julian Lee. And in all honesty, it has worked out very well for us, so who’s to say that it’s not legit!

Great Shit of 2020 - Groovy Galaxy
Great Shit is happening on the 21st, are you ready? Me either!

To add to the hippy credentials of my wife, she was also involved in a dodgy meditation group for a while… But I think that deserves an entire post (or series of posts?) of its own… For now, we’re just talking about a Cosmic Shit…

Lately, my wife has started to work with a lovely Reiki teacher, who is guiding a group of participants through the energetic maelstrom (or should that be shit-storm?) that is bound to ensue with the Great shift on the 21st of December 2020… (I’m signed up to the Reiki group on the 21st but I’m not really sure what I’ve gotten myself into yet… I’ll report back in due course).

Since my wife is a very helpful and sharing type of person, she was messaging some mutual friends about the upcoming Astrological changes and what to look out for…

Intentional or not, one of our friends wrote back about the ‘Great Shit’ of 2020, which is somehow appropriate given that 2020 has been one ordeal of a year and I think everyone is just waiting to get it out of their system, to get it all over with!

We are all waiting for the Astrological bowel movement to pass so that we can safely and cleanly move forwards with our lives, reconnect with friends and family, and generally put this shitty year behind us all!

Great Shit - 2020 has been a big poo
This Shit has gone far enough!

It also might explain why we all needed so much toilet paper this year!

Some parting advice for Shitting 2020…

  • Be sure to wipe from front to back – Get the whole year off in one good wipe
  • Remember to wash your hands properly – We don’t want to spread any of the remnants of the year around
  • Flush as often as you need to get 2020 down and around the s-bend – This has been a big one!

But don’t celebrate too soon, the biggest shit won’t be gone until the 20th of January!

Great Shit 2020 - Don't run out of toilet paper
Don’t run out of toilet paper until the Big One has gone down!

The Next Part of The Adventures of an Expat Kiwi is coming soon…

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